As the 2008 presidential election approached two Americans traveled through 18 diverse communities in key swing states to find out what core values US citizens were considering as they chose between Barack Obama and John McCain.

Each day for 18 days producers Graham Meriwether and Chris Henderson created a portrait of the voices and faces of a different US locale to reveal the issues that lie behind their votes.

Their trip led them through nearly every region of the country from Ohio in the Midwest to Nevada in the West, and finally to the South in North Carolina and Virginia. The places they visited ranged from the crumbling urban center of Detroit to a Navajo reservation in New Mexico. Along the way, they experienced burgeoning immigrant populations in Iowa, a deeply-conservative tiny town in Missouri, and the epicenter of the housing crisis in Mesquite, Nevada.

As the election drew closer and closer, Red Blue Road Trip heard out those people whose crucial decisions determined the outcome of this vital US vote.


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